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Telseminar Author Publicity

3 Publicity Strategy Teleseminars For Entry Level, Intermediate & Advanced Authors

  Publicity Strategy Teleseminars! Welcome authors. Annie gets calls every day to present at hundreds of events over the year. Everyone is clamoring for Annie’s publicity strategy. Why? It works…

Self Publish Publicity

Book Publicity For The Newly Self-Published

It’s done. Finally. The book you have always dreamed of writing is on the way to the printers. Soon, it will be the publication date. Your book will finally be…

Book Publicity Fear Of Success

Book Publicity – Do Some Authors Have Fear Of Success?

Are some authors afraid of book publicity? Who would have thought this. That an author would write a book and quickly pull back on success.

Dangers Of Working With A Pop Up Publicist

The Dangers Of Working With A Pop-Up Publicist

Wow, what’s that? What is a pop-up publicist? It’s someone who was not a publicist yesterday but is today. I am serious. Listen to this story. Let’s call her Patti….

Get Booked On TV

So You Want To Be In Pictures? Get Booked On TV Tips

Lots of authors dream of the day when they can get booked on TV. They point out that they see others just like them on the air. Very good. That means…

Book Publicity Story I Wrote A Book

Real Book Publicity Story: “I Wrote A Book”

He called me for book publicity and here’s what happened. Ok, so he tells me he wrote a book. Wonderful. What is the book about? My days in the slammer.

Book Marketing Services - Annie Jennings PR

Work With The PR Book Marketing Services Firm That Has The “IT Factor”

Book marketing services firm Annie Jennings PR works with authors and experts booking publicity. Annie Jennings PR provides authors with effective book marketing services involves strategies that both reach your market while…

Book Promotion Marketing Ideas

Book Promotion Marketing Ideas – Create Your Author Platform

Book promotion marketing ideas – from appearing on the media to kicking up your social media. Book promotion marketing ideas basics include being a prepared guest for the media. Once you…